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I would say I'm sorry, if I thought that it would change your mind...

Admittedly I've slacked on this blog...
I've had A LOT going on in the last few years.
Which is not to say that other people don't, just that I did and I chose to live life instead of simply writing about it.
For a few years back, I spent more time on blogs talking about what was happening around me... never looking at the things in front of me as a participant but almost as an outside observer. Memories through photos, not laughs.

I've decided that with the children grown (19 & 20 as of today) and the husband working himself to death trying to pay off student loans, it's time for mom to get back at it. It's time for me to get a hobby, an outlet, a "thing"...

When my BFF and I started this blog it was partly because in her words I was "like Martha Stewart but like for the sweary mom crowd". I've heard I have good ideas and that I give good advice which is cool to hear though I have no idea how true it is.

I plan to try my best to com…
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Your Friend's Marriage: The Thin Gold Line

Some people will tell you that marriage is a magical wonderland of soul mates, great sex, and shmoopsie-poo unicorns farting roses while snacking on rainbows; I am not that person. Marriage is WORK, regardless of what anyone tells you, because it's two separate people shoehorning their lives together to become one entity while also trying to maintain a individual identity for themselves. I personally have always subscribed to the Three C's of marriage: Compromise, Concession, and above all, COMMUNICATION. Learn when to give in, learn when to give up, and learn when to talk about it. Talk about it ALL THE TIME: the stupidest things and the most important things. If you can tell your partner about how your best day ever went or how today was quiet and uneventful, it makes it so much easier to say "Hey, there is something somewhat important we should discuss because this is how I'm feeling". Your partner is not psychic, no matter much we wish them to be, and c…

"You kind of look like Betty Crocker. At Betty Ford."

I know..... I made promises and I didn't deliver. In my defense it's been a hell of a year, not that that is an excuse, just a reason.

We've packed up and moved to California, still trying to sell our house in the mid-west and renting a little cottage like house in the meantime. It's my own private hell. Perhaps I should write a post on how to survive a cross country move....let me make sure I've survived first though.

So here's the deal, very soon we will be bringing you new posts with new info, tips and tricks. I'm not going to promise when though, don't want to let you down again, but just know that there are some things the I'm working on. Hopefully they'll be up soon, thanks for your patience.

Coming Soon......

New topics are coming soon!

~ How to 'break up' with a friend without creating an enemy.

~When is it time to get the kids (and husband) doing chores.

~Ways to help organize your life so you don't miss anything (unless you want to).

~Staying out of your friends marriage; How to not run her life.

~When you should apologize and when you should bite your tongue and move on.


~Teaching kids some table manners: What works and what doesn't.

~When good kids are bad sports: Parents behaving badly.

~Online Friend Etiquette (because etiquette should even extend to Facebook)

~Texting, Messaging and Phone Calls

....and much more!

Surviving An Internet Flame War

FLAME WAR A flame war is a heated argument between two individuals, that results in those involved posting personal attacks on each other during, or instead of, debating the topic at hand.

Most forums have rules that forbid flaming. This is because the quality of conversation on a forum can be seriously degraded by a flame war. Topics can be "hijacked" by two people who would rather flame each other rather than discuss the subject of the thread.

Some websites encourage flaming for the purpose of entertainment.First of all, if you do take the trollbait and become embroiled in a flame war, realize that you have already lost. A practiced and e-rep'd troll will push all buttons, all the time, and if you hit the post button in anger you have already lost. Just accept it and take the ridicule.

Second, if you cannot rise above the trollbait, at least exhibit decent spelling and grammar. For instance, when stating one's sexual preference, instead of “U R A FAG”** simply substitu…

A Wedding Invitation-Website?? For FREE?

Many women dream of an elegant, traditional, white wedding. Many of those "many" start planning at the age of 12 and begin by slapping together a wedding binder filled with lace, China patterns, pictures of wedding dresses, menus, fonts, invitation paper and who knows what else!

Realistically, how many of those women actually get to have that fantasy wedding?

For most Average Janes, a fantasy wedding just isn't feasible. A large number of variables come into play when planning a wedding and help to determine what type of wedding will be had, or, if any wedding will be had at all.

The biggest crusher of wedding dreams is the big "B".


We won't get into premarital reproduction which forces you to put half of your wedding budget into the planning of a nursery...oh, you get the idea!

Shite happens! So you may have to cut corners!

All in all, planning a wedding is a lot of work, a lot of time and a lot of money.

Let's say you realize that you don't ge…

Confessions of a Thank You Note Writer, or Why My Best Friend Hates Me...

I am a Thank You note writer.

I love stationary and hand-written notes .

I love sending Thank Yous, and I love getting them in the mail.

Okay, truthfully, I love getting any kind of personal mail but Thank Yous are especially nice.

It's nice to know that your gestures/actions are appreciated. Everyone likes getting a piece of mail that puts a smile on their face and I personally, have yet to frown while reading a Thank You so, I continue to send them to others whenever I get a chance.

That being said, many people have asked me over the years why I continue an antiquated tradition such as hand-written notes when there's email, e-cards and whatnot hovering out there in the webisphere.

These electronic ways of communicating in a world full of people too busy for personal correspondence is a blessing in many cases but it's taken the "person" out of it all.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is; don't stop using email, etc. to say hello or even thank you, but,…